Janet Neslon Kumar
Janet was inspired early on by her grandmother whose style was based on Jackie Onassis, a perfect blend of casual elegance. Taught to sew from a very early age, she attended both San Francisco's Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and New York's Fashion Institute of Design, and then spent more than 15 years in the fashion industry. When it came time for her own wedding, Janet found it difficult to find a gown that was comfortable and reflected much individual style. Long ago, Janet dreamed of designing wedding dresses, now it was time for action.

The philosophy behind the Janet Nelson Kumar collection is "Modern Sophistication, Easy Elegance". This translates to cleaner lines and simple but lovely details, sophisticated gowns that are easy in their approach to traditional bridal dressing. Gowns that are not uptight or fussy, that any bride can wear to radiate elegance and feel completely comfortable and true to herself.

Janet began by offering custom couture gowns from her New York design studio. By working directly with brides she learned firsthand the frustrations women have trying to find a gown that truly reflects who they are. Soon after, Janet began designing a collection for retail stores. Janet continues to be inspired through working with brides, and this interaction is often the source of inspiration for a new gown or detail.

The gown collection uses the finest fabrics with touches of hand beading, embroidery or jewelry elements. Innovative cuts combine with modern couture construction techniques and perfect fits, each element of the gown is considered with the wearer in mind. The gowns are made in New York using the best craftspeople (we are big supporters of local manufacturing). We are committed to excellence in quality, communication, and service.


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